Monday, March 25, 2013

weekend relaxations

the perfect weekend


This weekend, I took some time for myself, and set aside time to spend with my friends, creating enjoyable and relaxing moments together. 

I must admit, I spent a lot of time in bed, curled up in the covers with a cup of hot tea on the night stand, as I caught up on some of my favorite television shows. Sometimes I don't realize how busy I am until I sit down and do nothing. It is a quite a relief. 

Since I have come to college, I have recognized that I most definitely need my alone time; whether it be to watch tv alone, lay in bed and let all my tangled up thoughts unravel, or simply go for a drive along a nice Texas highway. I like to be alone, but I also love to be surrounded by those who bring out the laughter and excitement within me. I cherish my time I can spend alone with no distractions, allowing me to escape from my massive to-do list. 

After taking time to let myself unwind, I spent genuine time with some of my dear friends. My roommates and I became overly excited to use my new "mini-pie maker," which I won on Good Morning America when I was in New York for Spring Break! I am not one to cook or bake on my free time, but I thought it would be fun to make a little dessert, and enjoy it with laughter on top. 

Our pies were magnificent, topped with a scoop of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. It was quite a success. I realized that we all get so caught up in our school work, internship searches, and other obligations, we never take time to relax and do something we really enjoy. Making the mini pies was a fun little escape from our daily routines. When we opened up the griddle and realized we were successful, spouts of laugher echoed through the kitchen, and we eagerly ate them quickly. 

As I spent time with my friends, I came across a quote that made me recognize that I need to not be in such a rush to grow up, but to remember that there is still a child inside of all of us. 

"there is a certain happiness to being silly and ridiculous."

Some days, we just have to recognize that life is meant to be enjoyed and that all things don't need to be taken so seriously. I am working on this in my own life, in an effort to really enjoy each day that I am given. As I try to find enjoyment in everything I do, I am will be paying more attention to songs that I enjoy, a message from a loved one, and the extra five minutes laying in my bed, swaddled in the cozy sheets. 

In life, we are meant to live, not just exist

As my definitions of humor, laugher, and happiness are expanding this semester, whether it be through group discussions, funny videos, novels about dark humor, or even my blogs, I believe that I am growing as an individual...growing to enjoy life more through laughter. 

I wrote about Slaughter House Five in my other post, but I thought I would mention it a bit here. As a dark humor novel, I completed the book feeling rather indifferent. I neither hated it, nor loved it, but rather accepted it for what it was. It was incongruous, for it was not what would be expected when talking about the violent bombings of Dresden, but Vonnegut's commentary made the novel enjoyable and easily readable. 

until our next laugh, 

amanda hubbs 

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