Monday, March 18, 2013

new york city // the city that never sleeps

the city that never sleeps

I am sad to see spring break slowly slip away, as we reach the end of the semester and the pile up of assignments, test, and papers. But, it's okay, spring break was a wonderful break from the stress of school. 

I was so lucky to travel to New York for my spring break, exploring the city with some of my dearest friends. 

I can honestly say, I practically ate my way through the city. But, there is nothing wrong with that in my opinion. Eating the local NY cuisine was my way of exploring the city, escaping from the typical tourist attractions. Yes, I did see Freedom Tower, and Grand Central Station, and took a few pictures of Times Square, but it will be the experiences of exploring and getting lost in a new city that I will remember the most. 

One of my favorite little places to eat was Alice's Tea Cup... almost 3 hours of my second day in NY was spent sipping on a delicious pot of tea, munching on moist and delicious scones, enjoying the company of my dearest friends. Needless to say, there was much laughter that echoed from our side of the little pink tea room. It was pure relaxation and enjoyment. 

Laughter and food were two staples of my trip to the big apple. 

Our first evening, my roommate and I were terribly lost in the underworld of the NY subway system...and both of our phones had died. Everyone that was waiting for us had no idea where we were, and well... neither did we. But, we made the absolute best of it. We ran up and down the terminals of the subway, in and out of the turnstiles, eagerly trying to figure out where we were and where we needed to be. Every wrong turn transformed into a spat of contagious giggles, and it was actually quite relieving. Relief Theory anyone?

As I explored the city, got terribly lost, and dealt with the gobbles of tourists trying to fit on the busy streets of Manhattan, I began to realize much about myself. At a younger age, I would have been easily frustrated with the crowds of people, I would have become emotional and upset upon being lost in the big city, and I probably would have become very homesick. But I realized that I am growing up, and I really like who I am becoming. 

Through the numerous amounts of laughter that was released in the crazy, busy, and seemingly frustrating situations, I did not allow myself to be affected by the negative aspects of the day, but rather learned to laugh them off. And you know what...? That sole idea of laughing off the frustrations made the trip 20 times more enjoyable. 

So, now I am sticking to the idea that I should not get caught up in the small details of life, but rather laugh off the frustrations and enjoy that time that I have here, wherever that may be. 

Additionally, I got to be on the set of Good Morning America! Actually in the studio, which was so cool! It was amazing to see how the production of a live program is constructed and how last minute decisions are made constantly. Also, I was on TV! It was pretty cool if I do say so myself, but it was most definitely an experience I won't forget anytime soon. 

I am beginning to realize that happiness is something that we shouldn't live life without. I am learning to love and enjoy life, and seek laughter in every experience I am faced with. Writing this blog and reading about the true depth of laughter, humor, and happiness have truly exposed me to the joy and excitement that is encompassed within the lives we live, and I am eager to live a happy one. 

 until our next laugh, 


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  1. Amanda! What a wonderful post! I am slightly jealous of your visit to New York, but I am nonetheless happy for you that you had a such a great time! I love how you explored the city by trying out its cuisine; I do the same things when I travel. Also - I"m not going to lie - I was a little hungry after reading your post (and looking at your pictures)! Another thing that I can relate to is being frustrated when lost...I've definitely been in that position! You handled it extremely well, though, and I hope I can do the same next time I am in a situation like that! Any way, great post! When (not if) I visit NYC, I will definitely ask you for some tips!
    See you in class tomorrow,


    P.S. I'm totally craving a scone right now...