Sunday, February 24, 2013

the waltz

the waltz... 

I absolutely enjoyed reading "The Waltz." I found it to be wildly humorous, and embarrassingly relatable. For those of you who don't know me so well, I have a strong tendency to make things awkward. Why? I don't know how not to! I also let me anxiety get to me, way too much. So, this story of back and forth panic was a great read, and kind of made me feel....normal? I guess I'm not the only one! 

If I'm meeting someone for lunch, I will panic. Do I get there early? Do I get there a few minutes late? Do I order, or do I wait for her to get there? Does she want to sit in a booth, or would a table be more comfortable...? Should I dress up, or can I stick to my relaxed look? 

Walking into the restaurant: Okay I don't see her. Oh my god, everyone is looking at me. What if they think I got stood up? Should I ask the waiter if she is here? Should I get a table and wait? But what if they think I am eating alone...?

Hey, guess what. NO ONE CARES. 

When I read "The Waltz" I felt like it was a commentary of my life. And, it served as a compete flashback to my freshman homecoming dance, which I must say was the epitome of awkward. But really, whose freshman year dances weren't awkward....? Rocking the braces, kitten heels, and a dress hanging lower than my knees, and my far from professional dance moves... it was a recipe for a fabulous night. 

Anxiety, worry, and over thinking: this is an aspect of my life that I am working hard to transform, and move away from the anxiety and worry. Because you know what? No one really cares, so I might as well relax and enjoy myself. This actually is a new years resolution I have been working hard at. I tend to freak myself out, which results in me having no enjoyment in whatever I am doing. But why? Life is meant to be enjoyed, and my efforts of laughing more have been successful and rewarding. 

So now its time for change. And, I must admit, it's been great. I smile more, worry less, and laugh...a lot. The commentary within "The Waltz" was such a relatable thought process for many girls, and I have a feeling that they guys who read this story were a little bit overwhelmed. Yes, we do over think things, way too much. But now that I recognize this tendency.. I am working to make a change. 

Reading this story served as a bit of a reminder as to why I have been working so hard on my internal self, and a wake up call to things that don't warrant a worry. I thoroughly enjoyed the way this story was written, and caught myself laughing  throughout the short story. 

until our next laugh, 


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