Thursday, April 4, 2013


Today I was able to meet with Nasser to catch up on our Easter weekends and everything going on with school. We talked awhile about my trip back home to Albuquerque, and he was interested to hear all the details about my hometown. And I of course, was eager to tell him! I told him about my family Easter traditions, like Hot Crossed-Buns on Easter morning. Always a treat!

As we continued to talk, Nasser asked me about scholarships. I thought it was a peculiar topic, but we launched right into it. He told me that one of his friends had gotten a scholarship just because he was from a wealthy family in Africa, and he was very puzzled by this. He struggled to understand the concept of scholarships, and why anyone would just give someone such a large chunk of money to go to school.

I found it interesting that he asked me such a question, for I never really thought about the concept in depth. as I explained that a lot of scholarship money comes from alumni or donors, I think he was able to understand. I told him that the hard work that some students did in high school paid off for them in college, allowing their to tuition to be taken care of.

Additionally, Nasser was confused by the concept of donating back to the school; why would you give money for something you're not buying? Yes, I get the point, but I explained that is was a way of showing support for the school, etc. It amazes me how small concepts like donations and scholarships are topic that are not universal. It has been a great experience to talk with Nasser and get a better understanding of his culture, and even of my own.

Nasser's cousin is visiting him for the next few weeks and Nasser seemed very excited to show him around and give him a taste of what American and Texas is really like. Perhaps his cousin will enjoy the Texas lifestyle for than Nasser.

Nasser is still very excited to begin his new chapter of life at university in London next year. I must admit, I am a little jealous! But when he asks me why I love TCU and living in Texas, I could go on and on for hours, so I think I made the right choice.

Lastly, we talked about the weather, because today was such a chilly day! Or at least I thought so. It was drizzling a little bit and there was crisp breeze in the air. I told Nasser I was ready for it to warm up so we could enjoy activities outside, but Nasser said he much more enjoys the cool weather, for he absolutely hates it when it gets too hot! If we think Texas summer weather is tough, think about Saudi Arabia summer weather!

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